Quilting and hot air balloons

I have had the great pleasure in making a quilt with Ruby’s class for the PS154 Winter Art Fair. Having never made a quilt before, I wasn’t prepared for how much I would fall in love with it. It was a truly collaborative project with the kids helping with the design, layout and contributing the fabric which made it. To watch a wee movie of the project click here;  Ruby’s class quilt Dec 2011.

I also helped make hot air balloons for the Pre-K class contribution to the Art Fair. Maxi insisted that we win it in the auction, which luckly we did. He has since we brought it home, played with it, putting in his pigs and the farmer that he made last week in class. Absolutely delightful.

This week I’m making a scarf for Maxi and will try and finish Ruby’s beret (I’m hoping I have enough wool).


1-210 Winter Art Fair Project 2011

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