Recent craft projects

Summer 2012

It’s been terribly hot in our lounge, so my productivity has been pretty low this summer. I have however finished off some projects including a dino sweater for M and vest for B. I am currently working on a dress for R, a cushion for M’s pre-k teacher and the Brooklyn Map, which I started at the beginning of the year. It’s always great to finish off projects!!

November 2011

I have been having a very productive fall. Below are some pictures of my most recent projects.

Mustache scarf

I have just finished this for my 4 year old. He’s at school, so Bertie is modelling. Pattern from

Bertie wearing Maxi's new scarf

 Quilt Project

Please see Quilt Project page for details.

1-210 Winter Art Fair Project 2011

 PS154 Winter Art Fair Warm-up Project

Ruby's Winter Fair Art Project Cushion

Along with Ruby’s class, we are making a quilt for the Winter Art Fair project. Tomorrow we are having our first session. I have made a smaller version (a cushion) with Ruby’s help, to show everyone what to expect. As a crafter, not a quilter, it is not perfect.

This project took approximately 4 hours to make.





Jolie’s piggie bag

Jolie's piggie bag

Jolie is one of Maxi’s best friends. She recently turned 4 and as part of her piggie themed birthday present (both Maxi and Jolie were born in the year of the Golden Pig and love piggies) I made her this small velvet bag. The piggie needlepoint is actually a pocket with velvet backing.

This project took approximately 10 hours to make.






Ysolda’s Ishbel Scarf

My mother has recently visited me here in Brooklyn. On her way home to New Zealand, she went via London to see her wonderful sister (my aunt) Di and they went to Loop Knitting ( Being an avid reader of ‘Country Living UK’ magazine, I have seen this shop advertised and was especially pleased Mum had the opportunity to go. Whilst she was there she brought me a wonderful little knitting book called ‘Whimsical Little Knits’ by Ysolda ( I have just completed the Ishbel scarf. Obviously as an beginner knitter, it is not perfect but is really lovely to wear and a great size. I brought the hand dyed wool from Fiber Notion ( on Union Street in Park Slope. I would really recommend knitting it.

Ysolda's Ishbel Scarf

Ysolda's Ishbel scarf detail










This project took approximately 3 weeks to make.


Leaves cushion

This is a project that I have been wanting to do for many years. Inspired by an Orla Kiely design (, it is a lovely cushion with a beautiful Liberty print (thanks Di) backing. The buttons are red shell.


LeavesSide of Leaves










This project took approximately 3 weeks to make.