Quilt Project

As I mentioned in my blog, I have just finished a quilt for 1-210

Quilt hanging in MMR display

Winter Art Fair Project. Over the month of November, I had the opportunity to work with Ruby’s class. Firstly, I got the children to draw a portrait for their faces, one of their bodies and draw a picture of something they liked. I then had the children draw with fabric pens on material. I also asked the class families to donate some fabric. I then cut up the fabric and took it back to the class where the children then designed the layout of the background. The children were asked to pin the fabric to the backing and I had many of them tell me how much they enjoyed doing this. I then sewed the pieces of fabric together and placed, with Ruby’s help, everyone’s portraits on the front and back. Finally, using the fabric donated, I made framed the panels and created the final twin size quilt.

I wanted to use recycled fabrics and to show the kids that quilting can be fun, modern and collaborative. I felt that children were able to enjoy different aspects of the quilt making process. Several kids who did not enjoy drawing their portraits, loved designing and pinning the back panels.

This was an extremely rewarding project and I felt that the children were able to take ownership of it by contributing on many levels. Showing the children on Friday was wonderful. I overheard several comments, such as ‘there’s my material’ and ‘that’s my favorite thing drawing’. My friend Barbara has taken some wonderful photos of the kids looking at it.

To view a wee video of the finished quilt please click on this link: Ruby’s class quilt Dec 2011

Close-up on quiltQuilt hanging in MMR display


Back of quilt